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About PersonalsPaper

Best dating blogs are aimed to raise singles’ self-esteem and their chances to find a match. That’s why personals’ diary is a good way to learn success stories that took place in a country you are interested in.
The most precious information for travelers is the list of destinations that are overlooked by the mainstream users. For example, Eastern European girls are usually perceived as Russians.

But there are so many more ethnicities such as Croatian women, Czech girls, Bulgarian females, Baltic beauties. They are all different in a way, yet gorgeous and all of them can be met online.
Many of these countries are prosperous, so not all girls are after sugar dating. The majority of them want an equal partner to love each other passionately, and grow old together.
However, hookup culture is also spreading around in Eastern Europe. Many women are practicing casual affairs on a daily basis, others on weekends or at least monthly.

Single models and other beauties are explaining their open-minded views by natural physical needs, and necessity to relax in between their tough duties. So one’s time in Russia can be really cool.
Another important topic dating blogs are covering, is budget-saving traveling. Although we’re all fascinated by foreign girls, we aren’t ready to spend a fortune on them. It’s wiser to find cheaper ways.


Top sites and apps for dating online


Tired of loneliness? These hotties won’t let you get bored anymore. Their sweet smiles, feminine shapes, sexy outfits, and tender hands are created for a lasting and intense pleasure. Don’t miss it!
Basic signs of a good reliable dating site are: a big variety of active profiles, high-quality photos of the girls, ability to contact them directly and without hesitation. This great site has it all.



Hot girls are desirable by many, but can be won only by someone who is sexy and gallant at the same time. For sure you can succeed in this smart strategy, so take your chance with the best women!
Legit dating sites strive to provide trustworthy services to their users, starting from safety and finishing with accommodation booking in a girl’s city. Try this with a top dating site, and enjoy your trip.



Did you know the body type tells a lot about the person? Petite girls never get tired in a bed, tall and curvy women like being submissive, and very slim blondes can dominate like a pro.
That’s why single men try to meet as many types of girls as they can, before they choose the best match for them. Take a chance on this site, to see which category of women suits you the best.



Single girls are romantic, positive, caring, and anything else you could hope for, since they aren’t spending their energy on a particular partner. Fill this gap with your passion, for mutual happiness.
Top dating sites gain their popularity with the help of best services online, but also the most variable database. This platform is exactly qualitative and helpful so one can find his perfect match.



Foreign affairs have never been more available. With this site, you will be able to brighten up your online communications as much as you like, and enjoy the most modern dating features.
Beautiful young girls are ready to meet any time, so you can adjust your first date to your vacation calendar. Plan your romantic trip in advance, and harvest the juice of love eagerly!

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Eastern European personals and relationships date advice

Girls of different ethnicities are equally hot and seductive, and Eastern Europe dating opens the widest opportunities for making sure it’s so. This part of the world isn’t limited with Slavic girls only.
For sure, Slav women of Russia, Belarus, Czech Republic, Slovenia, and partially Ukraine, are something each western man misses. They are natural blondes, super feminine, very soft and smiling.

It sounds like a fairy tale for men who used to see career-minded sharks around, controlling and boyish. In this part of the world, these wrong qualities aren’t known, all girls are quite angelic.
But look what other countries add to this desirable type. Croatian, Bulgarian, Romanian women have Mediterranean features in their appearance and can be called the most exotic beauties of this region.

natural blondes

They have dark piercing eyes, usually almond-shaped, also olive skin, and dark chestnut hair. They tend to be slim or athletic, and their charm is definitely the most impressive.
On another side, Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia present the opposite type of beauty. Not all researchers include them to the list of Eastern European countries, but some of them live there.

It’s a cold type of beauty, so-called Nordic one. However, it doesn’t affect their sensuality and the scale of their sexual appetites. These snowy queens are just another proof of a big variety of options.
The best dating site reviews usually reflect all these possibilities and describe in detail which ethnicities can be dated at ease in this or that region popular for travelling and hookups.


How to succeed in dating online?

The very first rule for international daters is not to give up, no matter what happens. Some men do not succeed in meeting new people online simply because they give up instantly.
If the dating site you started with, appeared to be ineffective or even fraudulent, don’t give up and go further. If the girl you liked, misbehaved with you or disappeared, forget and go further as well.

If you travelled abroad and spent the money to get there, but girls ghosted on you, do not be in hurry to blame someone, since there are always hundreds of opportunities to pickup a girl out there.
During your vacation, you visit shops, bars, nightclubs, beaches, and there are single girls everywhere. Do not be afraid to approach some of them, since you have already flew so far away.

meeting new people online

Dating online can be challenging, but most often, it’s pleasant and simple. All the world got used already to the unique opportunity to find like-minded people right on the smart phone or laptop.
It’s better to leave the habit to generalize some nation, and start from zero like Phoenix even if you have been disappointed once or twice. Watch your finances, watch your personal time, and keep trying.


Questions and answers

How do I choose between three or four girls?
If it’s for hookups, choose by their appearance, if it’s for marriage, choose by their values.

Should I ask for her ID scan?
It may sound a bit rude, so better tell her you need it for a little gift or the airline ticket.

Are Russian parents overprotective?
Usually not, unless they are devoted Christians or have Armenian, Georgian, Arab roots.

How to seduce any Eastern European girl the soonest?
The answer is same for all nationalities, show your long-term intentions and be kind.

How to hook up with a mature woman?
Try VIP nightclubs, high-class restaurants, successful single businesswomen are all there.

How to avoid any extra services from the dating site?
Use it for free with basic features only, unsubscribe from their ads and promos.

Should I take a big luggage with me to the romantic trip?
Some men do, to shower girls with souvenirs, but all can be bought there including your daily items.

How to save on a hotel and stay in a girl’s home?
It’s possible only if she lives alone and you compensate the inconvenience.

romantic trip

What are good first date questions?

• What is your favorite male cologne so I can wear it for you?
• What are you open-minded about and what are your taboos?
• Would you like to try something unusual in the intimacy?
• Would you prefer to travel a lot with your mate or to settle down at home?
• What are your top five turn-ons and turn-offs?
• Do you think good cooking is a part of seduction process?
• How would you define a man is decent and worthy of your attention?
• Are you a creative or a rational person in a relationship?
• Would you take a shower together with your man?
• What could bring you a lasting happiness?

What are good questions to ask single personals online?

• When could you be ready to meet?
• How do you feel about the age gap, if any, and do others’ opinion bother you?
• What are some of your country traditions important to you?
• What nice should I bring to your parents so they like me?
• Do you prefer a slow sleepy sex or an active intense sex in the morning?
• Do you like kissing in public places?
• Does very good massage make you horny or relaxed?
• How would you like your man to show his devotion to you?
• Which fairy tale about love is your favorite and why?
• Is your mood changeable or mostly optimistic?


Which personal questions should I avoid and why?

Meeting hot girls online is provocative, there is usually a big curiosity, and a strong willing to learn as much as possible about a person. Sometimes, it’s better to master your impatience.
A girl’s childhood may be one of those risky zones, so be careful with questions. It can happen her family was too poor to leave any good memories, dad was abusive, or there were other sad aspects.

Also, by statistics, girls consider talks about one’s childhood the most personal and intimate. They think, if a man asks about such things, he’s going to propose or at least to live together.
If you don’t have such intentions, better keep from digging too deep. Light funny questions and jokes create the most favorable atmosphere for hookuping and casual traveling together.

Dating experts

Another category of risky questions is her past and her exes. Dating experts, and there are mostly professional psychologists around them recommend to avoid this topic, especially on the beginning.
If her last breakup took place recently, she either wants a good listener to complain about that, or a complete silence. Investigate what it is in her case, and respect her choice like she respects yours.


Success stories from real personals who met online

“I met Diana in Moscow when I attended the conference for work, but it wouldn’t happen without my favorite dating site I used to be a member of. Diana became my best discovery there.
Not only was she beautiful and sexy, twice younger than myself, but also interested in the same areas of science and business. We understood we can make lots of successful projects together.
Today, Diana is my wife, we have two children, yet we find time for working together and developing our ideas. I think Russian women are the smartest ones, and can make each westerner happy”.

dating advice for singles

“I went to see Rita in Kyiv after three months of regular chatting. I assumed she was genuine, since she was always there for me in the evenings and on weekends, without asking anything in return.
She showed the same modesty when I came to visit, there was no shopping, no expensive restaurants, we simply walked and talked. Quite strong chemistry was a part of the package.
No wonder I quickly decided it was my soul mate, and took her to the UK. Although we’re together for a half of year now, she never showed any bad traits other men are telling about.
We are happy, she is gardening, walking with my dogs, and soon will start babysitting for pocket money. I think you guys should be optimistic about Russian and Ukrainian dating –, it worked for us”.

“I am too young to get married so I went to Ukraine just for fun. It amazed me how educated and naturally beautiful all women were. I made friends with one hot girl online and she was advising me.
She warned me about wrong places to go, wrong things to do, and told me how to avoid fraudulent women. So I never had any trouble while I was partying there, and all my meetings were great.
It was difficult to leave at the end since I met at least two sexy girls who could be my girlfriends if they lived in my city. But dating on a distance isn’t for me, and that’s the only reason why I quit”.

wife from Russia

“I spent my youngest years in Slovakia and has always been fascinated by Eastern Europe. However, I didn’t expect my future wife will be from Russia. I thought those women are hard to reach.
My son who found his girlfriend online, encouraged me to take a chance as well, and I joined the best dating site for seniors. Elena lived in Krasnoyarsk and she was ten years younger.
I was completely ok with the fact that she had a daughter, and did my best to be a good man for that little family. Our communication was smooth from the beginning, and it still is.
Never they were a burden for me, on the opposite, both females are pretty blessed with various talents and skills. Elena’s daughter plays piano like a pro, and Elena herself is an accountant.
Once she improved her English, I found her job in the US, and young Tanyushka is waiting for her invitation to the musical school here. It’s hard to imagine now that we wouldn’t meet.
My dating advice for singles is, take a risk and do not regret anything. It’s better to try and win than to spend your life in a sad solitude, without any perspectives in your private life.
Elena is now leading a dating blog for Russian women and they all ask her questions, how she managed to find such a caring husband. They need us, and we need them, so it’s worthy of trying”.