5 reasons not to date women older than you

Aug 31

5 reasons not to date women older than you

Experience is not always a winner.

Advantages of the relations with women older than you seem obvious. She is experienced in bed, confident, has reached certain heights in life and do not like hysteria over every detail. But is everything as rosy as it seems at first glance?

We present you 5 reasons why you should not date and commit to a woman older than you.

♥ Conflict of generations. If the woman at least is 12 years older than you are, you should be prepared for the possibility that she will listen to very different music and wear clothes that you do not accept in principle. Be prepared for that it is necessary to listen to Celine Dion instead of Frank Ocean and pretend that you like her new leopard coat.

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♥ Entertainment. Of course, the free time you will spend not only in bed, but to come together on issues of where to go tonight, it will be very difficult. After all, if you’d rather go to a rock group concert, it is more likely she will to pull you to the opera or convince you to stay home and watch 356th episode of Real Housewives.

♥ Health issues. The older we get, the more health problems we gain. Be prepared for the fact that at the time of the highest pleasure her bad back will strike, and migraine attacks will come at exact time of intimacy.

♥ Expectations. Like it or not, but you are on a completely different stages in life. It is likely that you will want to go further, but she thinks that’s enough. In addition, you can have completely different views on how to develop your relationship.

 Maternal Instinct. She does not want to be your mother, and you also do not want that. But instincts can prevail, and it will be very difficult for her to deal with such a natural feelings. Besides, to do something improbable with the woman reminding you mother, somehow not to cool.

But everything in life is relative, and it may be that you are lucky enough to find your perfect soul mate, which is 20 years older. And do not care about age!