About the rights of Russian brides.

Mar 26

About the rights of Russian brides.

There always was a problem in the life of Russian women, their men were not very much respecting them, which resulted in the fact that they were going through a lot of difficulties and even had to go through a lot of abortions, because their men didn’t wanted children and they were forcing women to get rid of their children.

The Russian society itself is an example (by the way very often used in the West) of an absolute lack of seriousness of the situation, the Russian men of older generations, who  didn’t liked protected sex and who sincerely were not able to see any difference between an abortion or a light flu of their wives or girlfriends. In the Soviet era, almost every woman had an average of seven to thirteen abortions in a creepy, and incredibly humiliating conditions, which inevitably led to all sorts of complications and, ultimately, to partial or total disability of those women to have children in the future. This issue has ultimately led to a deep feeling of despair, and as a result a lot of women hated Russian men and were not wishing to have anything to do with them in the future.

And from the other side by looking on the men abroad, and the way they are taking care of their wives, how they nurture and pamper them, those Russian women eventually felt the great desire to get married with a man from abroad. It is historically built this way that no matter how difficult life might be people are always looking for some better life and as a result they place their profiles on the pages of various international matchmaking agencies. And no one on this Earth can blame them for doing something like this.

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Russian women simply got tired of making the house clean and cozy for their men, of cooking and serving the table for their men, of taking care of those men, who were not showing any kind of care back, they were using their women and taking them for granted, no one likes something like that and of course all the women dream about someone who will give a goodbye kiss and call them a few times per day just in order to know how they are doing, and in order to tell how much they already miss their beloved wives, as it is such a pleasant feeling to know that there is someone in the world who really cares about them, not about the things they do to make the life of their spouse comfortable, but they really would like to know how their love mates are doing at home.

Also it is shocking the fact that on their Motherland, Russian women are not highly appreciated at their work, because as soon as they become pregnant, the companies that they are working for try very hard to get rid of them in order to get someone else on their place, someone who will not ask for a day off, if the child will get sick, someone without problems or chores, it is amazing how people do not care about the future of their own nation.

And while being a person who from early childhood was taught that she should crave for a family, for having children as soon as getting married and so on, for a Russian bride becomes very clear the thought that she need to get married abroad in order to arrange a great and happy future not only for herself, but also for children whom she will have as soon after getting married.

The right to be happy and to have as many children as she would love to without being afraid to lose the job and have a poor existence in the future, is the main benefit that attracts each and every Russian bride.

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